Courage to Care, Courage to Talk . . . About War Injuries

Implement the Campaign


Courage to Care Courage to Talk is an educational campaign for hospitals and healthcare sites developed by the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress (CSTS). Its goal is to facilitate and improve communication around war injuries between healthcare providers and families, and within the family itself, especially in talking to children. The campaign seeks to connect families to resources and providers in the hospital environment who can answer their questions, talk with them about their children, or address other family or communication concerns related to the injury.


Courage to Care Courage to Talk provides hospitals with professionally printed campaign materials in English and Spanish. These materials include posters (18 x 24 and 9 x 12), brochures, and tabletops (9 x 12) — reduced scale poster mounted on cardboard with a plastic holder for brochures that rests on tables in waiting rooms or reception areas.


Expert consensus and professional involvement with this population have shown a need to reach out to military families and children of the wounded many of who visit and/or stay in or near hospitals and rehabilitation clinics for extended periods of time. Courage to Care Courage to Talk acknowledges the important role that families play in the injury recovery process and the importance of family resilience, sustained parenting and appropriate communication about the injury with children of all ages to ensure their healthy development.


CSTS is part of Uniformed Services University and its Department of Psychiatry, as well as the academic arm and a partnering center of Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE). Courage to Care Courage to Talk draws upon CSTS expertise in trauma and its impact on military families and children through its Child and Family Program. Dr. Stephen Cozza, who heads up this program, conducts Congressionally funded research on military children and families, educates Department of Defense leadership, and consults with national media.